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We are foregoing the normalization of computing resources

With the implementation of the new granting framework, we are abandoning the normalization factor. Resources in the historical grants will be recalculated (divided by 4). When applying for a new grants, please take these changes into account for your estimated computational resources.

Pilot grants

We are also saying goodbye to the Test grants. They are to be replaced by Pilot grants. As previously with the Test Grants, it will be possible to apply for a Pilot grant once a year. Pilot grants will be available on selected clusters, and their purpose is to give Users the possibility to test the capabilities of the PLGrid infrastructure. Pilot grants will last for one year, with resources allocated at 1,000 h and 10 GB per cluster.

What changes?

  • The Pilot grant will henceforth be applied for by the scientific team.
  • When applying for a Pilot Grant, Users have to fill in all the metrics about their research, including the title of the grant, scientific objective, field of research, etc.
  • The Pilot grant will be renegotiable, and the renegotiated Pilot grant will automatically become the Proper grant.
  • The pilot grant is a subject of Settlement - a Settlement report must be sent upon its completion.

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