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The renegotiation process can only be performed once per resource.

Basic information

Proper grants are subject to renegotiation - their resources (accepted by the user after submitting the offer) may be increased or decreased at the justified request of the User.

In order for the application to be approved, it is necessary to:

  • fulfillment of the condition of homogeneity of the research project under the grant in the form requested - i.e. increasing the resources can only take place if they will be used for further research described in the grant application (and not for new research for which no information is provided in the application),
  • consent of the Resource Administrator to change the parameters of the grant as part of renegotiation - the granting of consent may depend on the scale of the requested change. 

Possible changes to metrics

As part of the renegotiation, it is possible to change the value of the metrics awarded under the grant.

For example, you can change the number of compute hours allocated to a grant, the number of simultaneously used slots, or the amount of disk space used at the site where the grant exists.

For the current grant, you cannot:

  • extend its duration
  • cancel an existing grant

Cancellation of an existing grant

It is not possible to cancel an agreed grant. Each agreed grant appropriate will have to be accounted for.

However, if for some reason the User is sure that he will not use the assigned resources, it is recommended to inform the Helpdesk about it - thanks to this, the Administrators will be able to allocate the unused resources to other users.

How to renegotiate a grant

Only the team manager may renegotiate resources for a grant.

To renegotiate a grant, go to the Proper Grants panel, and then in the Active Grants table with an active grant, select the gear button Renegotiate the grant.

At this point, a window will appear with resources that can be renegotiated.

After opening the resource window, you will be able to change the metrics

Please provide new totals for the resource

Then save your changes and send a new allocation proposal

Adding new resources (different cluster)

In order to add new resources, after selecting "Renegotiate the grant" use the "Add resource" button and complete the form.

then use the "Save settings" button and "Send a new allocation proposal”

Providing your motivation in the chat window to the site administrator will speed up the renegotiation process

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