Basic information

  • Each user can apply for access to services.
  • PLGrid provides a Service Catalouge which allows for service access management. Overview of user's services is available at User Portal.
  • Some services require activation of related services (so-called "parent services" - "usługi nadrzędne"). In such case application for a child service causes automatic application for a parent service. Remember that:
    • child service may not work properly before the parent service is activated,
    • deactivation of the parent service may deactivate access to child service.

Service overwiew in PLGrid Portal

User portal offers read-only information about services user has ever applied for and has not given up voluntarily.

The list of services can be found in the "Usługi" ("services") tab. It contains the following data regarding listed services:

  • Category of service ("Kategoria")
  • Name ("Nazwa")
  • Parent service (if extsts) ("Usługa nadrzędna")
  • Status ("Status") - possible values:
    • ACTIVE - This means that user is able to use the service,
    • NEED_CONFIRMATION - service is not available to user before the access is granted by a service administrator,
    • BLOCKED - service access has been denied by the administrator.

View of the list of services in the "Services" space

 Active (or awaiting administrator activation) services are visible on the list in the "Usługi" tab in User Portal.

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