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Basic Information 

Trial grant

  • Trial grant is for testing user's needs and requirements regarding resources.

  • Allows for use of 1000 CPU units and 10 GB of storage at each supercomputer center.

  • Trial grant lasts a year.

  • Trial grant is associated with a so-called "test workgroup". Personal test workgroup is activated upon activation of user's first affiliation.

  • User can have only one trial grant at a time.

  • Trial grant cannot be renegotiated.

  • User does not have to write reports regarding grant results.

  • Publications created as a result of trial grants should be reported via Helpdesk platform.

  • At the end of trial grant activity period user can obtain a new trial grant.

Trial workgroup

Resource grants are always associated with a workgroup - a unit which represents a user or a group of users in resource negotiation process with supercomputer centers.

For trial grants, even though no negotiations are necessary, each user gets a personal so-called "trial workgroup". It is created at the moment user's first affiliation is activated and the only member (and leader) of the group is its owner. Its parameters cannot be changed.

Trial workgroup parameters:

    • ID: user's login with plgt instead of plg
    • Name and description ("Nazwa oraz opis"): Workgroup of [plglogin],
    • Type ("Typ"): Private (it will not be searchable to other users),
    • Members ("Członkowie"): the user, with a supervisor role,
    • Status ("Status"): active.

Even though the workgroups with status "private" are not visible in team search, the supervisor of such a group can add other users as workgroup members and thus share trial grant resources with them.

Trial grant activation

To activate a trial grant, click the green button "Test grant - activate" in "Test grants" submenu.

You will see a form with parameters of your trial grant:

  • Duration ("Czas trwania"): 1 year,
  • Default grant ID ("Domyślne ID grantu") : [plglogin]20XX[ab] (at all clusters),
    • if user already has had a trial grant 2016a, their new trial grant ID will be [plglogin]2016b,
  • Computing hours ("Moc obliczeniowa") : 1000 CPUh per site (without Prometheus), globally 5000 CPUh
  • Storage: 10 GB per site (without Prometheus), globally 50 GB

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