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  1. Registering as a PL-Grid user: please consult the Registration steps section of the Podręcznik użytkownika (PL) User Manual (EN)
    1. if you are a foreigner, be prepared that you will need your Polish collaborator to confirm your identity - for the PL-Grid operatives to contact the correct person for the confirmation.
  2. Requesting a certificate - again, please follow the Aplikowanie, rejestracja i użycie certyfikatu section of the manual for detailed instruction on how to automatically obtain your own PL-Grid certificate. Here, you will be asked to supply a certificate guard passphrase - please remember what you type as you are going to need it later on.
  3. Requesting access to services; you will need to activate access to two services (you will find it inside Katalog aplikacji):
    • "Dostęp do klastra ZEUS"
    • "Diagnostyka molekularna"
  4. Both services should be activated automatically for you, in a couple of minutes, and you will be informed of that fact by an e-mail. Then you are ready to navigate to  in order to start your first Galaxy session.

  5. The service will use the infrastructure resources grant you have set as your default (it might be your personal resources grant).