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Note that your full organizational profile will not be visible to MetaBiobank users unless you check the "Public" flag - use this feature to hide incomplete (or outdated) information from other users. After submitting the form you will be able to review it in your dashboard:
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The dashboard is also accessible, after signing in, by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This section of the service enables you to adjust biobank data, remove entries completely from the system and manage biobank sample collections.


You are able to remove any information from inside MetaBiobank at any time, either by flagging selected data items as nonpublic, or by completely deleting any information you previously provided.
In case you would like to make one of your nonpublic collections available to a specific person, you are able to generate a unique access key for it. In this collection fact sheet view, please use the "chain link" icon to the right:
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The "Create link" button will let you generate a unique URL link. Copy that link and send to the colleague you'd like to share the collection with. This person will be able to browse this collection. When you no longer wish to share that collection using the generated unique link, simply use the "Delete link" button to remove this possibility. The URL you shared will no longer work.

How to contact authors

In case of further questions or if you are interested in cooperation with our team, please contact us by e-mail. If you wish to file a bug report or describe a feature request, please use the PL-Grid Helpdesk system. The MetaBiobank service is developed, delivered and maintained by ACC Cyfronet AGH and LifeScience Kraków Cluster.