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Ground Water Level Catalog – General Description

The catalogue catalog is a variable in the Matlab format file and it is kept in a file MAT. The structure is an array with named fields that can contain data of various types and sizes. In the file there is only one variable, the file name and variable name are optional. The format of ground water level catalog is made in the same manner as a catalog of seismic events

The variable describing the catalogue catalog is a vector of structures, consisting of fields:

  • field – name of field in the catalogue catalog (text value);
  • type – type of field in the catalogue catalog and way of showing the field (numeric value);
  • val – column array of values. For the text the column is an array type cell with text fields. For the remaining value, the column is a numeric column.
  • unit – description of unit for individual data (text value).
  • description – short description of the parameter (text value).
  • fieldType – semantic meaning of the field. When some field values are similar/related then fieldType name is entered and for another case [] is entered.


Table 1. The general parameters in catalogue catalog MAT format.

The Numbers of Data type:
1 – the real data without limits,
2 – the integer data,
3 – text value,
4 – the real number rounded to 0.1 (shown as 11),
5 – time in Matlab format serial time – the time display format; seconds with accuracy 1/10,
6 – the real data display in an engineering manner with one decimal place, e.g.: 3.5E6, (obsolete, recommended 2cd)
7 – the real data display in an engineering manner with two decimal place, (obsolete, recommended 2cd)
bc – (b and c are code digits) the real data display in fix-point manner with at minimum b places before decimal and c decimal place
e.g. For number 3.149.
10: „3”
11: „3.1”
12: „3.15”
20: „03”
23: „03.149”
1bc– the same manner as bc, but with place for a sign (space for sign „+”, sign - for sign „-”)
2cd– (c and d are code digits), the real data is displayed in an engineering manner, with place for a sign (space for sign „+”, sign ‘-’ for sign „-”), with c decimal place and exponent expressed by d places. The sign in exponent is always displayed.
e.g. For number 0.001:
211: „1.0E-3”
221: „1.00E-3”
212: „1.0E-03”
222: „1.00E-03”
e.g. For number 1000:
211: „1.0E+3”
221: „1.00E+3”
212: „1.0E+03”
222: „1.00E+03”