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Quantum Chemistry packages comparison

Software packages availability

Information about the newest  quantum chemistry software versions available on PL-Grid clusters. See also PL-Grid Infrastructure - scientific software availability.

HPC CentreGaussianTurbomoleGAMESSNWChemORCATerachemADFCFOURCP2KCPMDCrystal09DaltonDFT-D3MolcasMolproMOPACQuantum EspressoSiesta
ACK CYFRONET AGH09.D16.52012.R26.3 1.52013. 2013.13.0.2 2012.1.0
ICM UW09.D1 2012.R2?   1.0       ?  
PSNC09.D1 2009.R36.0   1.0 3.13.2      


CI TASK09.D1 2012.R26.1.1   1.0   2.0    5.0.3 
WCSS09.D16.52013.R16.33.0.1? 2013. 7.82012.1.57.1 3.0-rc2

Software packages capabilities


In all tables below symbols have meaning shown in legend:

energyelectronic energy calculations only
gradanalytic algorithm of computing gradients
num gradnumerical differentiation for computing gradients
freqanalytic algorithm of computing vibrational frequencies
num freqnumerical differentiation for computing vibrational frequencies
RIResolution of Identity/Density Fitting algorithm available
CDCholeski Decomposition algorithm available

Self-consistent ab initio and DFT methods (in vacuum)

DFTfreqfreqRI gradfreq gradfreq

Methods of solvents or environment treatment  

PCMx  x    
Onsager modelx       
EFP   x    
COSMO x x xx x

Self-consistent ab initio and DFT methods (in solvents)

RHFfreqnum freqRIgradgradnum gradgrad  
UHFfreqnum freqRIgradgradnum gradgrad  
ROHFfreqnum freqRIgradgradnum gradgrad  
DFTfreqnum freqRI gradnum gradgrad freq

Basis sets

Basis set typeGaussianTurbomoleMolproGAMESSNWChemORCATerachemADF
STO       x
PW    x   


In table below basis sets native for software package are listed.  More could be obtained from EMSL Basis Set Exchange.

Basis setGaussianTurbomoleMolproGAMESSNWChemORCATerachemADF
3-21GH-Xe (+)       
6-21GH-Cl (*,**)       
4-31GH-Ne (*,**)       
6-31GH-Kr (*,**,+,++)       
6-311GH-Kr (*,**,+,++)       
D95H-Cl (without Na and Mg;*,**,+,++)       
D95VH-Ne (*,**,+,++)       
LanL2DZH, Li-La, Hf-Bi       
(aug-)cc-pVDZ(H-Ar, Sc-Kr), H-Ar, Ca-Kr       
(aug-)cc-pVTZ(H-Ar, Sc-Kr), H-Ar, Ca-Kr       
(aug-)cc-pQTZ(H-Ar, Sc-Kr), H-Ar, Ca-Kr       
(aug-)cc-pV5Z(H-Na, Al-Ar Sc-Kr), H-Ar, Ca-Kr        
(aug-)cc-pV5Z(H, B-O),H, B-Ne       
SV and SVPH-Kr       
TZV and TZVPH-Kr       
QZVPH-La, Hf-Rn       
Def2-SV/SVPH-La, Hf-Rn       
Def2-TZVP/TZVPPH-La, Hf-Rn       
Def2-QZVP/QZVPPH-La, Hf-Rn       



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