Basic information

  • Affiliation in PLGrid Infrastructure is defined as user’s association with a Polish scientific institution.
  • Providing valid affiliation information is required to gain access to PLGrid Infrastructure resources. Information provided by user is verified before they can get access to resources.
  • Access to resources is regulated by terms and conditions.
  • User can register more than one affiliation.
  • Affiliations in PLGrid Portal have expiration dates. If a user needs resource access beyond the expiration date, they must apply for an affiliation extension before it ends.
  • Employees at Polish scientific institutions automatically obtain a Supervisor role after affiliation verification. Supervisor can grant their scientific cooperators (so-called subordinates) access to PLGrid Infrastructure. Subordinates can be students or other people who are not employed at a Polish scientific institution.
  • Supervisor is obligated to manage their subordinate's affiliations. Supervisor should deactivate affiliations of their subordinates with whom cooperation has been terminated.
  • User obtains a trial (test) workgroup after verification and activation of the first affiliation. The trial workgroup has following parameters:
    ID: plgt-[the rest part of login], where [the rest part of login] is their plglogin without the "plg" part.

Types of affiliation

There are two affiliation types.

  1. Academic unit employee (Pracownik jednostki naukowej) - employees of Polish scientific institutions, having a record in the People of Science database (the so-called OPI database) and a minimum academic doctoral degree. A registered Academic employee affiliation automatically grants its owner a Supervisor role, which means they can grant their scientific cooperators (so-called subordinates) access to PLGrid Infrastructure.
  2. Subordinate (Podopieczny pracownika jednostki naukowej) - a person not employed at a Polish scientific institution but collaborating with such an employee within their institution. Subordinates can be: students, PhD students, foreigner scientists. 

Register an affiliation

1. Affiliation menu

To register an affiliation go to "Afiliacje" tab. 

"Afiliacje" menu lists user's affiliations, their statuses and expiration dates. Affiliation details are available under link "Szczegóły".

In order to register a new affiliation click the green button "Dodaj".

2. Choose affiliation type

Pick your affiliation type. It will most likely be the second one - "Podopieczny pracownika jednostki naukowej" - subordinate - which means you are not a Polish scientific institution employee ("Pracownik jednostki naukowej"), but you collaborate with one within their institution.

Depending on your pick one of two forms below will appear.

3. Fill the form

Fill the form using the following hints.

Field nameDescription
Institution (Jednostka)

Scientific institution, its department and subdepartment. If you are a subordinate provide your supervisor's Polish institution. In order to pick the institution, start typing its full name and pick it from the appearing list. Next click "Dodaj podjednostkę" and pick the department accordingly. In the same way pick the subdepartment. You are required to pick all 3 levels:  institution, department and subdepartment (if all exist). The levels are:

  • Institution, e.g. Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie or Polska Akademia Nauk
  • Department:, e.g.  Wydział Elektrotechniki, Automatyki, Informatyki i Inżynierii Biomedycznej
Website (Strona internetowa organizacji naukowej)Official website of the Institution
E-mail address (Adres e-mail)E-mail address in the Institution's official academic domain. This information will be verified by Operations staff.
Field of science (Dziedzina nauki)Define your field of science
Expiration date (Data weryfikacji afiliacji - Ważna do...)

Affiliations expire after a certain amount of time, depending on its type:

  • Academic Employee - 5 years
  • Subordinate - 6 months

You can provide an earlier date if your know your affiliation expires earlier. 

When the expiration date is close and you wish to keep using the Infrastructure, you can apply for affiliation extension.

Affiliation name (Nazwa afiliacji)

Individual affiliation name, visible only to user.


If there is no record of your scientific institution in our database (nothing shows on the list) there is a possibility to add a new institution / department / subdepartment, which will be verified by PLGrid Operations staff. Before adding a new institution make sure it is not on our list.

4. Submit affiliation form

Submit the filled form using the button "Wyślij afiliację do weryfikacji".

Before an affiliation becomes active it requires verification by either Operations staff, the supervisor you provided or both. On Operations staff side it may take up to 3 working days. If verification of your affiliation is taking longer than that, please contact your supervisor.

Next step:  Workgroup or Service Catalouge