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Each custom application is represented by a GIT repository stored in Application Workbench. To connect to the EPISODES Platform correctly, there are some requirements imposed on the contents of the repository, that ensure we can interpret, display and run the application correctly.


In order to create an application that can be integrated with the EPISODES Platform, you have to properly prepare it's files. The files are stored in a dedicated repository within the Application Workbench, which can be created either manually or by using a dedicated wizard provided by the EPISODES Platform (for more information on creating such a repository see Creating New Application guide). The files should contain an Application Definition file, which is a mandatory descriptor that tells the EPISODES Platform how to display and execute the application, as well as any number of Application code files. Additionally, an Application Description file can be present in the repository, to enhance the display of the application within the EPISODES Platform. Other supplementary files, like a readme or a license file can also be added.

The following pages contain detailed information on the above mentioned files configuration and placement: