How to access EPOS AI Workbench?

The EPOS AI Workbench is available at To create an account please contact the EPOS AI developers team.

About EPOS AI Workbench

The EPOS AI Workbench is an AI developer platform based on the Weights & Biases solution. It facilitates the process of building AI models with comprehensive tools for tracking the model performance, iterating on datasets and creating reports. It also keeps versioning information on all the experiments.

Figure 1. Main page of the EPOS AI Workbench before logging in

Figure 2. Main page of the EPOS AI Workbench after logging in

Weights & Biases

Weights & Biases is the machine learning platform for developers to build better models faster. Use W&B's lightweight, interoperable tools to quickly track experiments, version and iterate on datasets, evaluate model performance, reproduce models, visualize results and spot regressions, and share findings with colleagues. The main features are:

  • Track, compare, and visualize your ML models,
  • Scalable, customizable hyperparameter search and optimization,
  • Visualize and compare every experiment,
  • Quickly find and re-run previous model checkpoints,
  • Model registry and lifecycle management,
  • Lightweight dataset and model versioning,
  • Collaborative Reporting.

The Weights & Biases consists of two components: web-based platform on and a public Python package wandb. The wandb Python library API calls serve to integrate an ML application, facilitating model performance tracking and sending metrics to a central platform. With web interface of this platform, one can then visualize and compare the model results.

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