Vocabulary of all the parameters related with the ground motion catalogs.

Ground motion catalog parameters

RID  – Registration ID

EID – Event ID

SID – Station ID (should be station code, which is used commonly in seismology for example in all seismological metadata standards ORFEUS uses term ‘Station’)

S_name – Station name

S_Lat – Station location latitude

S_Long – Station location longitude

S_Elevation – Station location elevation

R_Time – Registration occurrence time

PGA-E – Peak ground acceleration of E component

PGA-y – Peak ground acceleration of N component

PVA – Peak vertical acceleration (Z component)

PHA – Peak horizontal acceleration

PGA – Total peak ground acceleration

RMS_A – Root-mean-square acceleration

PGV-E – Peak ground velocity of E component

PGV-N – Peak ground velocity of N component

PVV – Peak vertical velocity component (Z component)

PHV – Peak horizontal velocity

PGV – Total peak ground velocity 

RMS-V – Root-mean-square velocity

PGD-E – Peak ground displacement of E component

PGD-N – Peak ground displacement of N component

PVD – Peak vertical displacement component (Z component)

PHD – Peak horizontal displacement

PGD – Total peak ground displacement

RMS-D – Root-mean-square displacement

AI – Arias Intensity

NED – Normalized Energy Density

ABD – Absolute bracketed duration

AUD – Absolute uniform duration

AED – Absolute effective duration

RBD – Relative bracketed duration

RUD – Relative uniform duration

RED – Relative effective duration

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