Key words

Coal mining – mining of hard coal

Conventional gas extraction - extraction of natural gas with use of existing natural gas reservoir pressure or using methods to increase the pressure suficiently for pumping gas to the surface

Conventional hydrocarbon extraction - extraction of hydrocarbon with use of existing hydrocarbon reservoir pressure or using methods to increase the pressure suficiently for pumping hydrocarbons to the surface

Conventional oil extraction – extraction of petroleum with use of existing oil reservoir pressure or using methods to increase the pressure suficiently for pumping oil to the surface

Geothermal energy production – technology using thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth for heat and/or electricity production

Hard rock mining – mining of raw materials and ores embedded in rock formations

Hydrofracturing – technology of a well stimulation a in which rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid

Hydropower plants – power plants producing electricity using the potential energy of dammed water or kinetic energy of flowing water or tides driving a water turbine and generator

Open pit mining – mining technology, where used when, the thin layer overburden is removed to provide access to deposits of commercially useful ore or rocks found near the surface

Reservoir impoundment – filling of artificial lake, usually by backing up the water on a river in steep valley

Salt mining – type of mining extracting the salt from the underground

Salt solution mining – type of mining extracting the salt from the underground by dissolving salt from the deposit

Underground fluid deposition – technology of fluid storage in rock formations

Underground gas storage – technology of gas storage in rock formations

Unconventional hydrocarbon extraction – extraction of hydrocarbons using well stimulation techniques

Underground mining – extracting method using undergound instalations such as tunnels, long wall mining, room and pillar mining etc.

Application key words

Data conversion – services for conversion of data formats

Data download – services for data download

Data export – services for data export

Data extraction – services for data pre-processing

Data filtering – services for data filtering

Data merging – services for combining data from different sources

Data reshaping – services for changing the data file internal format

Data selection – services for data browsing and selection

Earthquake spectra – services for waveform processing allowing to obtained spectrum

Episode visualization – services for data visualisation

Episode-oriented graphics – visualisation service using multiple episode data

Format conversion – services for conversion of the data formats

GIS data visualization – service for GIS data visualisation

Geo-resource production impact – services for analysis of the influence of production parameters on the seismogenic process in georesources exploitation

Moment tensor – services using or producing moment tensor

Parameter probabilistic distribution – services allowing obtain probabilistic parameters of chosen data

Picking on waveform – services allowing phase picking on waveforms

Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis – services for calculation of seismic hazard parameters

Production - seismicity interaction – services using combined production and seismicity data for exploring and discovery of their interactions

Production data visualization – visualisation services of technological data

Production-dependent hazard – services for calculation of seismic hazard parameters in relation to technological and production data

Scaling relations – services to calculate relations between different parameters describing earthquakes

Source location – services for seismic event location

Source mechanism – services for calculation of source mechanism or using source mechanism for further analysis

Source parameters – services calculating source parameters such as seismic moment, moment tensor or using them for further analysis

Stationary hazard – services for stationary hazard parameters estimation

Statistical analysis – services for obtaining and processing seismic wave spectra

Statistical properties of seismicity – services for calculation statistical parameters of variousdata describing seismogenic process

Stress inversion – services for calculating stress orientation in the chosen area based on source mechanism data

Stress modelling – services for obtaining stress patterns in chosen area

Time-dependent hazard – services for calculation seismic hazard parameters using the assumption of time varying seismic process

Waveform viewing – services for waveform preview

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