Tool for creating a Parameters Catalog. The resulting catalog is created by joining a Catalog with Registration Catalog. For example, if Ground Motion Catalog is used, the result of the application can be further used in, e.g., Ground Motion Prediction Equations application.

CATEGORY Converters

KEYWORDS Data selection, Data merging

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IS-EPOS. (2019). Data Handling Applications [Web applications] . Retrieved from

Step by Step

  1. The 1st input file is a a Seismic Catalog and the 2nd input file is Registration Catalog (e.g. Ground Motion Catalog, Gravimetric Catalog etc.) from the same Episode (AH Episodes).

Once the User clicks on the tab and calculations are performed, the joint catalog file appears on the screen providing all the available options and functions that Catalog provides (see "AH Episodes"). 

Figure 1. Input and output of the application

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