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The EPISODES Platform gathers data related to environmental hazards triggered by human activity and software allowing for processing and visualization of these data. The data are offered in form of grouped datasets (Episodes) that relate anthropogenic seismicity to its industrial cause. The software is provided as a set of Applications prepared to operate on these data. The applications are run within the user Workspace, which also provides means for storing, comparison and organization of the initial and processed data. The contents of the Workspace might be shared with other users, thus facilitating the collaborative aspect of their research.

Contents of this guide

This quick start guide will briefly introduce you to the EPISODES Platform , showing you the registration process, main menus and symbols. You will also see an example scenario how the Platform can be used to work with its data and applications. Each main page of the platform is additionally described on the subsequent pages of this documentation:


When publishing results obtained using EPISODES PLATFORM, please cite the following articles: 

Data contained within the Platform also have their citing information provided in a How to cite section of each episode to which the data belongs (see also page AH Episodes of this guide).

Registration/Sign up

The EPISODES web platform at is so far available in English, French and Polish. If a user has already an account, he/she can easily log in by clicking on the 'LOGIN' tab (top right corner of Figure 1) and simply providing the e-mail address and password. To create an account, the user shall click on either the 'SIGN UP' tab (blue button, the right top corner of Figure 1). The fields that the user is requested to fill are shown in Figure 2. After submitting the registration form the system verifies the provided affiliation and the user can hereinafter log in the EPISODES web platform.

Figure 1. Start Page of the EPISODES Platform.

Figure 2. Registration form to sign up.

Logging in





The home page of the EPISODES Platform is shown in Figure 3 . The user may switch among (from left to right, Field 1, Figure 3 ) the Platform Start Page, the EPISODES portal (demonstrated in Figure 3 ), Documents repository and Support. This latter field includes a shortcut to Platform User Guide, the Platform Forum and a contact form in order to submit queries and comments to EPISODES team. The portal grants access to three major facility categories: The AH Episodes (database), the Applications (Field 2, Figure 3 ) and the User's Workspace (Field 3,  Figure 3 ). In the Workspace the user may upload and use the available data and Applications at any combination. In the example of Figure 3 the AH-Episodes category is selected and the user may select an Episode from the list or filter this list by either involvement in particular Project or Impacting Factor (Field 4, Figure 3 ). In such way the user obtains access to the selected Episode. Alternatively, advanced data search can be performed (Field 5, Figure 3 ), which provides a plethora of additional filtering and searching options. The user may edit his/her profile and affiliations as well as request access to particular Project-related Episodes and Applications (Field 6, Figure 3 ). Finally, the User may choose  the operational language of the EPISODES Platform between English ('EN'), French ('FR') and Polish ('PL') (Field 7, Figure 3) .To log out, the user has to click on the icon shown in Field 8 of Figure 3 .

Figure 3. AH Episodes Main Page of EPISODES Platform with the basic features and available functionalities.

Contact form

For brief guide see: Contact form page of EPISODES Platform Documentation.

EPISODES Platform and EPOS

The EPISODES Platform is the core of Thematic Core Service Anthropogenic Hazard (TCS-AH), an e-research infrastructure of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS). TCS AH is one of 10 thematic core services forming EPOS, a solid earth science European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). It is integrated within the EPOS Integrated Core Service (ICS), providing additional opportunities for interoperability with different scientific communities engaged in solid earth science.

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EPOS webpage:

EPISODES Platform User Guide :

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