Application that allows for requesting parts of continuous waveforms for specific time and stations. The waveform is obtained from Seiscomp server using Arclink_fetch program.

CATEGORY Seismogram Analysis Tools, Download Tools

KEYWORDS Data selection, Data filtering, Data export, Waveform viewing

CITATION Please acknowledge use of this application in your work: 
IS-EPOS. (2019). Data Handling Applications [Web applications]. Retrieved from

Step by Step

  1. This application allows for ordering parts of continuous waveforms for specific dates and stations as processed by Seiscomp. The User needs to upload the application from the applications repository to the personal workspace. The preparation of the waveform is executed by Arclink-fetch.
  2. The User has to select the respective episode and time period of interest, (as shown in Figure 1). For selection of the the time period the User may either set values to the 'Start' and 'End' point, or specify the 'Start' point and the duration (length) of the periods he/she wishes to study.
  3. After this the User selects among the channels and the stations available for each episodes and clicks on  button. A *.seed file is soon to be created, and it can be furthered processed within other applications, such as: 'FOCI', 'Seismogram Analysis Tools' or 'Seismogram picking tool'.

Figure 1. Input of the application

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