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PLGrid infrastructure offers Users the possibility of scientific computing based on the resources such as::

  • Computing (CPU, GPU – computing resources, processor time in hours),
  • Storage (data repository),
  • Cloud (running virtual machines).

Basic information

  • PLGrid grant allows access to PLGrid resources. 
  • Grant is a contractual agreement between the User and PLGrid Infrastructure. This agreement determines amount and parameters of resources available to User/workgroup and time when the resources can be used to achieve scientific goals
  • Grants are always associated with a workgroup. Workgroup consists of one or more users and is an entity which negotiates, agrees to, uses and later reports the usage of a grant.

There are two types of resource grant:

  • PLGrid Pilot grant – a small grant that the User obtains on request. It does not require negotiation of resources with the Centers and includes 1,000 computing hours and 10 GB of disk space in selected PLGrid centers. Resources under the Pilot Grant are available up to one hour after requesting them.
  • PLGrid Proper grant – provides opportunity to obtain a larger amount of computing resources and requires the settlement - reporting the results of research being conducted using PLGrid Infrastruture resources. Resources negotiated under this type of grant can be shared by a larger number of Users (members of a given workgroup).

The use of grants is available only to Users having an active affiliation ( association with Polish science).

Using PLGrid resources

Check if the software You want to use is available on the clusters. 

Search for the software You need:

    1. on the clusters UI - using the command: module avail |& grep -i software_name
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